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I think it was February 2008 when Jeff told me that he’d seen this thing where people substitute relevant body parts with a record sleeve, photograph it and upload it to a Flickr group. It was called Sleeveface. Jeff thought it was perhaps the best thing ever. So, one weekend when I was visiting Jeff (for the first nine months of our relationship he lived in London and I lived in Hull) we set about taking photos using his stash of  records.  I think our first attempt was the Hair cover, followed by Run DMC, Diana Ross, Michael Jackson and more…

We uploaded our attempts to the Sleeveface Flickr group, thinking it was good for a laugh and got loads of hits. People were going crazy for Sleeveface. It was on the news, in the papers, on the radio, on online social networking sites. Thinking nothing more of our additions we received an email from the creators of the Sleeveface group telling us they were publishing Sleeveface: be the vinyl and would like to use some of our images for it. We said yes, of couse.

One following weekend Jeff was in Hull and we raided my sister’s and parent’s vinyl stashes. I think this time we did Barbara Streisand, Cam’ron, George Benson, Paul Young and Annie, amongst others. We uploaded them and let them know we’d done more.

Eventually we heard back from Carl Morris, one of the creators of Sleeveface to tell us they were including four of our images in their book.  They chose Hair, Run DMC, Bobby Brown and Al Wilson (you can see them jumbled up with our other submissions in the image below (apologies for the quality). We’re surprised. There are so many better ones out there. And the book is really worth checking out. Some of them are wicked.

Skip forward a few months and the world is shocked by the announcement that King of Pop Michael  Jackson has died. And what happened? All of our Michael Jackson sleeveface pictures on Flickr got hundreds of hits that day and still do get more than any other pictures strangely.

But besides that, people keep adding our photos to their blogs. I recently googled Sophiekingo to see if anyone else used the same name as I do and found my name featured in a blog by DJ Ron.   German DJ Ron (and this is where I managed to impress myself by remembering a remarkably decent amount from my A Level German classes) said something along the lines of:

In the new edition of GQ I stumbled across an article on the book Sleeveface: be the vinyl. I know the theme isn’t that new anymore but I did a search for Sleevefaces with hip-hop vinyl covers. It was not so easy to find good hip-hop sleevefaces. Here is my top 10.

And who is number one? Yep, Cam’ron by none other than Jeff and me. And this was on 10 November 2009.

It seems Sleeveface is still going strong.