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Projectbrownman laying down lyrics

My sister‘s boyfriend, Leo, decided a few weeks ago that he was going to get some audio editing software on his Mac and make himself some beats. We went round to their flat for dinner last Sunday (roasted pork belly with potatoes and seasonal veg if you’re wondering) and before playing Lips on the Xbox (where Jeff showed off his Ice T skills, and I beat Lisa at Nirvana’s In Bloom) Leo played us his Looking for Curley beat (complete with sample from BBC Radio’s production of Of Mice and Men).

We came away from their flat with full bellies and Looking for Curley on a memory stick for Jeff, sorry, Projectbrownman, to come up with and record some lyrics for. After a week of writing bits here and there PBM got round to laying down the lyrics this morning. And what did I do while he was doing this? In between reading the Sunday papers, I took my lovely new digi camera in to the Blue Room “Studio” (yeah, you read that right. We have a stuuuuudio) and caught snippets of the master in action.

Before I let you see his work, I just want to say that he was horrified that this was going up on my blog. “What if my kids find it” were the words of the teacher Mr….. (Nah, I won’t give him away). Personally, if, when I was 13, I had found a video of one of my teachers rapping on YouTube I’d have found it hilarious and incredibly cool. I’m sure PBM probably thinks the same and so doesn’t really mind it appearing here. Even if he does come across a little crazy.

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Talkin’ a Seamstress

For my second song Projectbrownman insisted I do a cover of a good grime song. He decided on Giggs’ Talkin’ the Hardest. This time, unlike with Living Room, Projectbrownman wrote the lyrics.

If you’re talking a seamstress/ I better pop up in your thoughts as the neatest/ My seams are the neatest/ ironed and flat not leaving the creases

Fly like an eagle/ lines are so regal/ with a gold thread through the eye of a needle/ bought the machine time to buy the material/ make a new top and the skirt is the sequal


Making my jewellery/ bending, shaping, taking a few beads/ putting it together in a way that is unique/ everybody asking can you make me a new piece?

Maybe I should sew in a bit/ I flow on the beat like I flow with the stitch/ anybody think they can copy my stitch better stop with the nonsense you’re tacky and kitsch


Give me a pin/I stick to the pattern when I’m sticking them in/I used to get pricked cos I didn’t use a thimble/ never happens now cos my skin isn’t thin

Bring me a tin/ full of my findings/ bits and bobs that I use for designing/ Secret box where my jewels are residing/ when I’m on top autographs I’ll be signing

Lining a dress for morning/ hem on the skirt was so messy before me/ now it looks so perfect you could sell it for forty/ put it up on ebay and the bids will get naught

Needles are sharp/ I’ve got a whole box that I take to the park/sit in the sun getting straight with a cross stitch/ carry on late in my flat after dark

Practice my art/ making it purfect/ spending time and money cos the effort is worth it/ I’ve said it once before so I know that you’ve heard it/ give it to the people who I reckon deserve it


My girls looking hot/ Emma, Lizzi and Hannah have got/ something cool and original I gave them that you can’t find in the net or shops

I bet that you want/ send me a cheque and I’ll send you a box/ better yet I can look at your stitch and talk you through all the problems and faults

And the result?/ you’ll be just like me/ cutting cloth with precision and stylee/ make hot clothes like I’m cutting for Kylie/ everybody knows that my fingers are sprightly



For Giggs‘ lyrics check here.


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She sews and she raps – an intro to MC Sophie

My boyfriend, Projectbrownman, has, for quite a lot of years now, been rapping and making beats, either on his own or with the Frenchie – Prince Doughnut – as Slutlockerz.

He has the basic set up – Cool Edit Pro, mics, mixers, sound effect machine thingamabob etc. etc. and one day last summer he decided it’d be cool for us to make a couple of songs together. First up Jeff started making some beats, then invited me to have a listen and think about some lyrics. The sound was great, but where was I going to find some lyrics from?

A few months earlier we’d been laughing about Ludacris and his lyrics – examples such as you gotta run in your panyhoes and it’s just a hoasis got us thinking about how Ludacris would react to things around and about London and in general everyday life. And that’s when the line I’ll have a live in groom in my living room was born.

This line just seemed to fit with the beats Jeff was making and before I knew it I was scribbling away and prepared to give him my first lines. Jeff loved it and thought I was a natural rapper. So, we set his kit up and I rapped away. I think it only took  us a few takes, then for some over-dubbing and it was done – Living Room was born. All it required was a video, which Jeff whisked up with Windows Movie Maker, and time to upload to You Tube.  It’s had just 73 views to date and only one rating (I think that was me). But check it out: