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Sophie Kingo’s on Tumblr

Quite some time ago I was directed over to Tumblr  courtesy of a heads up by a colleague using it for a work project (Maslaha), set up my own account, and then left it there, to sit empty and lonely in the Tumblr-sphere.

But then yesterday I came across a friend’s Tumblr page (ThisisLakshmi) via Facebook. I loved how beautiful it looked and so logged in to my account for the first time in perhaps a year, and got going.

For those of you who don’t know what Tumblr is, think Facebook but without the pointless friends, games, or endless tagging; Twitter without being limited to a paltry 140 characters; and Flickr but with text and links and video. It’s blogging but smaller. Micro-blogging but bigger. It’s just better, and quick, and easy, and a great place to share things you like or come across, quickly.

So I’ve set mine up and got going. I’m using it as a place to share things I love – typically design, but with a few extras such as Ted Talks, songs and links to blogs that I really like. So get yourself over to Sophie Kingo on Tumblr to see what floats my boat and admire my lovely looking page.

Here’s a tiny taster to whet your appetite: