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Soft Toys

I haven’t made many soft toys before. I think it’s three. My first was a white fluffy bear when I was seven and at fritidscentret (after school club) at school in Denmark. I think that’s lurking somewhere at the parental home. Probably in a box in the garage.

But, last summer I had some urge to make an owl. I’d probably seen one on Etsy or something and thought I could do that. So I made the following for L1’s third birthday. That’s Projectbrownman’s niece, and my niece by default. I made it from scratch, including drawing the pattern.

The third teddy is that one below. When in the Tate Britain for some work events just before Christmas I flicked through a cool Aranzi Aronzo book and thought I’d treat myself to it in the new year. My sister beat me to it and bought me it for Christmas. I made my first one a couple of weeks ago for a new born Zephaniah Kojo. Made out of one of PBM’s old shirts (and some other remnants) I think it was a hit. But my next attempt will be better.