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Child’s bird mobiles (for sale)

As if I haven’t made enough fabric birds lately (my Mum and I made approximately 60 for my marriage to Jeffrey last month) I’ve gone and made more.

I first stumbled across a lovely pattern for fabric birds last year and made a grown up bird mobile out of scraps of West African cloth for my and Jeffrey’s first owned home together. For Christmas last year I made a couple of simple triple bird mobiles (one for my Mum and Dad and one for my cousin) which went down a treat.

And since then I’ve had many people admire the birds – with one neighbour asking if I can make her one for her daughter’s bedroom.

So, this weekend, having found I have twitchy hands after everything that I’ve been making for my and Jeffrey’s wedding (more on that here) I decided to buy some fabric in primary colours from a great local fabric shop on Seven Sister’s Road in Holloway, and got to making. The result? Four triple bird mobiles in red, blue and yellow with embroidered wings. Each is different with different embroidered wings and with different colour placement. Unfortunately the light was too bright and the wind too strong for me to get images sideways on, but you hopefully get the idea from the images below.

I’m hoping to sell these and will take them along to a craft fair my sister, her colleague and I will be selling at in November at Lauderdale House in Highgate. Alternatively, if you fancy one please get in touch with me and we’ll sort something out.


Bird mobile

Some time ago I stumbled across this pattern on Spool Sewing for a bird mobile. I printed out the free pattern, planning to make the mobile. I think that was over a year ago now. This morning I decided to start on some bunting for the flat, and when looking for some paper in a drawer, came across the print-outs for this. So, I parked the bunting and made my own 5 birds for the bird mobile.

I mostly used scraps of 8 different Ghanaian wax cotton fabrics, and included a scrap of Liberty Tana Lawn fabric leftover from my maxi dress and some leftover fabric from my sister’s maxi. I plan to make more to fill it out a bit. But I’m out of wire for the feet at the moment.

We had a blank wall above the TV in the living room and I just couldn’t work out what I wanted there. I had thought about buying a Flensted mobile, such as this, but think this looks great instead: