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Stands Alone

Back in January we received a note in our letterbox looking for people to take part in a final project as part of a neighbour’s postgraduate photography course. We had moved into our shared ownership flat in Highbury Stadium Square, the former home of Arsenal football club, in December last year and had hardly seen any of our neighbours. So when offered the opportunity to meet someone else from the Square (Simone Novotny), her husband and potentially the others taking part, we naturally jumped at the chance. Plus, we’re not really shy, so why not?!

We organised for Simone and Eduardo to come round one Sunday in February to take photos and shoot some footage of us in our flat. This, of course, meant I had to make sure the flat was presentable, after all “we’re missing furniture. We have to make sure it looks good.” Actually, I was a bit nervous as to what to expect. Having your photo taken by people you don’t know, not to mention video footage, to be seen by loads of people on the internet and in an actual physical exhibition, felt quite weird, even if I have got shed loads of photos of me on Facebook and have started blogging photos of me in my dresses.

However, it was a blast. We had a laugh. Though, looking at the photos now I’m wishing I’d made more of an effort to look good. Even if my tights, cardigan and what I’m knitting do nicely coordinate with the cushions and map.

But all that aside, I’m very impressed with the outcomes. The photos Simone has taken look fantastic, and the video’s great. The opening sequence, with everyone entering their flats is hilarious. I’m sure people don’t normally enter their flats heads down, focusing on keys, wry smile on their faces and super speedy! Also, very surreal to see another young couple in their flat on the opposite side of the stadium knitting and playing video games just like us. Great minds eh?!

All round, a great project. You can check it out on Simone’s website, Eyes of Change, along with loads of other great projects she’s undertaken.

And here’s the video. Quick and easy to get to. Enjoy! In the meantime, we’re hoping this is a good jumping off point for meeting our neighbours.


Some new photos of the flat

just because.