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Another post on some Christmas presents for you. This time snoods.

I made four snoods in December, based on this pattern from the Guardian:

  • 1 made from Twilley’s Freedom Spirit Chunky yarn in ocean aqua/blue. I made this smaller than I wanted it to be. Luckily PBM really liked it so took it off my rather than letting me unravel it and use the yarn for something else.
  • 1 made from Twilley’s Freedom Spirit Chunky yarn in moorland as a Christmas present for Lizzi along with a turquoise merino wool headband
  • 1 made from Twilley’s Freedom Spirit Chunky yarn in autumn orange as a Christmas present for Emma along with a maroon and purple double knitted headband
  • 1 made from a chunky wool Rowan yarn I can’t recall in maroon for my Dad for his days fishing.

Here’s a photo of Emma modelling hers in January this year. I think she likes them:


2010 – the year of craft

A couple of weeks ago I was thinking of what I’ve made in the past year. No wonder I at times thought I was developing RSI in my right hand. I was knitting like crazy. Here’s what I’ve knitted/crocheted/sewn/beaded between December 2009 and January 2011 (a total of 13 months), complete with links to the relevant posts:

And, that’s about as much as I can recall right now. But I think that may do for 13 months of knitting, sewing, crocheting and beading – at the very least 100 individual items. If I remember anything else, or if you think I’ve missed something off, let me know. But I’m rather proud of that!

Here are a few pictures:

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Recent Knits

Since I put down my needles after completing a number of Christmas presents on 23rd December 2010 my attraction to, and need for, knitting hasn’t diminished. I picked up my knitting needles again on Christmas Day 2010 at PBM’s Mother’s house and starting knitting. Since then I’ve knitted four headbands, two pairs of baby booties and two berets. Here’s why.

My work friend, Corinne, is on sabbatical in NZ at the moment to catch up with friends and family and attend two weddings. Before she left the UK at the end of summer she found out two of her European friends are expecting babies, due this March if I remember rightly. She had seen pictures of the baby booties I had made PBM’s sister’s expected twins and thought it’d be nice if she could give something similar to her friends when they have their babies, in yarn that she had chosen. So we took a trip to John Lewis on Oxford Street after work one day, picked out some Debbie Bliss and Rowan yarns in what appear to me rather NZ inspired colours, and tasked me with knitting them up into two pairs of booties and two berets in time for her return to the UK in February. After our little shopping trip we met up with her boyfriend Stefan and PBM and head to El Camion in Soho for a (very delicious) Mexican. And here they are – complete and well in time:

As for the four headbands I’ve knitted, one of those – a lovely green aran yarn – was a commission for my work friend Nina; one was a nice turquoise one for me, similar to those I knitted my East Yorkshire friend Lizzi and my Mum for Christmas; and two were aran wool heather coloured ones in my own design to try and sell via my Folksy shop. They’re not on Folksy yet, so if you fancy bagging them for yourself before then, please do let me know. Both are the same (seen below) and for sale at £8. A snip when you consider the dreaded Topshop sell not-so-nice alternatives starting from £8 and hundreds of people have them. Instead you could be one of two! Here they are. For those of you who enjoy knitting yourself I may well share the pattern via Ravelry:

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It’s cold and time for headbands

So, I’d be surprised if anyone out there hadn’t realised the weather has taken a turn for the worse. Whilst I’m not lucky enough to be venturing outside to make snowmen, London is experiencing minus temperatures, and I’m feeling it. On Friday PBM and I ventured to his sister’s house to see 1 month old twins.

Whenever we’ve visited this bunch we take the train to Victoria and Victoria Line train to Highbury and Islington, followed by a 15 minute walk North through Highbury Fields to get back to our cosy flat. And this Friday night it was ridiculously cold, what with a bitter northerly wind. I had luckily enough pulled out my super thick thinsulate gloves on Friday morning after experiencing dry, cracked knuckles from my beautiful Lisakingo handwarmers and naturally had my cream beret with me too. However, the beret wasn’t enough to save my ears from the inevitable earache of which they have become accustomed. So it was called for that I need a new hat. A longer, thicker one this time that better covers my ears. However, with a lacking supply of wool for a full hat, and with a dash of inspiration from Lisakingo’s leaf design headband on Saturday at the Dansk KFUK Christmas Market, I pulled out a skein of leftover yarn from my cardi and started on a cabled headband. This was my first attempt at cable and it was surprisingly straightforward. There was no need to fret about overcoming such a hurdle. It was in fact easy peasy. And so here it is – worn on its own and over my beret. I hope you like: