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Baby knits – cardigan

Colourblock cardiganBefore Finlay was born, I started knitting some cute little newborn trousers and a tank top in gorgeous baby cotton. For several reasons – baby coming a bit early, illness and finding our feet as new parents – I didn’t get these items finished until Finlay could no longer fit into them unfortunately.

Since then, I had done some crochet; crochet being much easier to pick up, do while breastfeeding, and put down again. But now, after six months of getting to grips with our new life as a family, I have finally found the time to knit. My first project? A cardigan. I love cardigans for babies. They’re practical, easy to put on and take off and so damn cute. Finlay already had a few cardigans in his wardrobe – four from his Mormor and one from the mum of one of the hubby’s students (you can see those, on Instagram at #knitsforfinlay) – but as we’re now going into winter and Finlay continues to grow, he needs more.

I came across the Playdate cardigan from Tin Can Knits on Ravelry and thought it looked lovely. It was also seamless, meaning no annoying sewing up of different parts after all the knitting – my least favourite part of knitting clothes. But it did involve a couple of new methods that I had never tried before – pockets, and sleeves using double pointed needles.

I wanted to make the cardigan in a colourblock design and chose Drops Baby Merino in four bright colours – orange, vibrant green, turquoise and electric blue – suitably not babyish, nor particularly boyish. After choosing in what combination to use the colours I made a start. And after a good few hours of knitting, hey presto – a super cute cardi for a super cute baby. Even if I do say so myself. And for just approximately £5 in yarn and a few evenings of knitting.

Roll on the next one.


New cardigan for me

It’s been over three months since I last blogged. So I’ve been either too busy to blog or lazy on the making front. But it’s pretty much a mixture of both – I have been making things and forgetting to take photos when finished and I’ve been working on one large item rather than the usual rolling dresses off the Sophie Kingo production line.

I find that when the long nights start closing in my desire to sew wanes and desire to knit grows. There’s something so cosy about knitting, which makes me really love autumn and winter as I get to knit hats, scarves, and now cardigans. and wrap myself up in them.

The bad thing about knitting in the winter is the bad lighting on an evening. And when you’re knitting a navy blue cardigan with a cable pattern you need to follow this can be quite a feat.

But, last Monday night I completed what I started back in September – a beautiful Acer cardigan designed by Amy Christoffers. I used King Cole 100% wool Merino Blend DK yarn which gave the perfect gauge and is so snug I need never be cold this winter.

This in undoubtedly my best completed project to date – I absolutely LOVE it! It’s the first full cardigan I’ve ever knitted (apart from a summer cardi for my niece L2) and I have the cardigan bug. So much so that I have ordered a new batch of King Cole 100% Merino Blend (though this time in Aran weight and damson colour) and downloaded a new pattern – Lady Marple. This one should be finished much quicker as the back is plain, but I’ll share when it’s done.

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Christmas Presents 2011

Well, this year I again decided to make Christmas presents. But, unlike last Christmas when I made snoods, headbands, teddies, hats and dresses, I was a little lighter on the workload this year. Partly because I’ve been researching my family history and partly because I don’t know why. So I only made seven presents this year – two crocheted flower hair slides (one for L1, one for PBM’s cousin’s daughter Akua), one cardigan (for L2), and four hats (one each for OKBK, L3, L4 and DK Hannah). Here are all but the hat for Hannah – I’m especially proud of L2’s cardigan.