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AKBK and his duffel coat


In December, my third nephew was born. Welcome to the work AKBK.

I had knitted the obligatory newborn hat, but come the new year I wanted to knit him something else. Some time ago, my sister gave me Essential Baby from Debbie Bliss and I had, of course, fallen in love with so many items. One piece I particularly loved was the duffel coat. So, I bought some very fitting green (AKBK is half Irish, half Ghanaian) double top cotton from Texere Yarns and got to knitting.

I found the tension difficult to get right and ended up having to knit tightly using 3.25mm needles to get the right gauge. So, after enduring a few weeks of knitting away, the tendons in my hands were pretty sore and achy. I didn’t end up adding pockets – what 3-month-old has anything to put in their pockets? – and I added lovely purple and green west African print fabric covered buttons to finish it off.

This was my second small-person knitted proper item of clothing (the first being a cardigan for my niece L2) and I’m not sure I’ll make another in a hurry. I love Debbie Bliss designs, but I often find them hard work to complete, much prefering Sirdar or Rowan patterns generally.

But, this duffel coat’s gorgeous and AKBK looks adorable in it, so I’m happy enough. I just hope he doesn’t grow out of it too quickly and my sister-in-law keeps hold of it for future BK/ Hostick-Boakye kids 😉

AKBK and his duffel coat

3 thoughts on “AKBK and his duffel coat

  1. Adorable project! This color is lovely, too.

  2. What a great pattern!

  3. This is too cute!

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