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Afro-Scandinavian photoshoot

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Three weeks ago, the husband and I headed up to sunny East Yorkshire to visit my parents and my cousin and her family over from Denmark for the weekend.

I thought it’d be great to take a couple of dresses up with me and ask my sister to take her camera with her in the hope that my cousin would agree to her two gorgeous girls (H and I-M) being photographed for my website. However, unfortunately I didn’t have two dresses the right size. The girls are three and six and the only spare dresses I had were ages two and five, with no time to make new ones for them. But I took them up to Hull and hoped for the best.

My cousin agreed to the photos, so we gave the sizes a go. They were a little on the small side, but we decided it was worth taking some photos as they still looked lovely. Of course, it’s never that easy with children is it? I-M threw a model tantrum over which leggings she would be wearing before we even started, then threw another during the photoshoot when H came out to play and have her photo taken. You’ll probably see the change in I-M’s mood in the photo where H joins her.

And what a success! The girls look adorable and I think they show the dresses off beautifully. Despite the dresses being slightly on the small side, particularly on H, they do show that the dresses will last and can continue to be worn as the girls grow. And here they are – gorgeous I-M and H, two beautiful part Danish part Turkish little girls in Sophie Kingo dresses:

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What a bargain Sophie Kingo dresses turn out to be – not only do they look beautiful, they span the seasons and continue to be wearable as the little owner grows. Perfect! Remember, to buy yours visit the Sophie Kingo website or Sophie Kingo on Folksy.


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