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Five more African print girls’ dresses

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Hemming is my least favourite part of dressmaking, meaning I frequently get a pile of dresses to the stage of hemming before putting them aside and starting another. This isn’t wise as it then means I need to sit and hem dress after dress.

New dresses

Last weeked I made this lovely dress for my neighbour (I hemmed it on Tuesday), along with two other red dresses. The latter two I didn’t hem, and left aside while this weekend I started on another three dresses. After generating a pile of five unhemmed dresses by yesterday afternoon, I sat down to hem while watching The Voice and Take Me Out. By this morning my left index finger has had enough of being pricked and grazed, and I am done with hemming this weekend.

So, it’s on to knitting for me this afternoon.

But first here are the five beautiful (even if I do say so myself) Sophie Kingo African print girls’ dresses I made or completed this weekend. All taken and all from orders. The largest of the blue and pink dresses is for my friend Vikki’s lovely little 3 year old Charlotte. The blue and pink dress with turquoise hem (left) is for my friend Aimee’s friend’s newborn and the other blue and pink dress is for a colleague’s niece. The two red circles dresses are for two of Jeffrey’s colleague Lucy’s friends who are new(ish) mothers. So, it’s up to Hull with two, while the others stay in London.

These Sophie Kingo dresses are turning out quite the international collection; this one (on the left) has already made its way to the USA, two are winging their way to Hull and the blue and pink 6m dress in this post (right) will also be going to the USA (or Canada, I can’t quite remember which).

Still to make – three dresses for colleagues. One for the 10 year old sister of the owner of this beauty and two for two newborns. But they’ll have to wait a couple of weeks.

These dresses are proving popular.

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