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African print girl’s dress number 7

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It’s been just over two weeks since I last blogged.  Just after telling you about the last dress it was my husband‘s 30th birthday, which signalled the arrival of my parents from Hull and a weekend of family and birthday celebrations. This meant I didn’t get the time to even just look at drawing up a pattern for a 6 month dress till last weekend, never mind get to Brixton to buy some new fabric.

Eventually when I got to Brixton at the weekend, I wasn’t that impressed with the fabric on offer in my two favourite Brixton fabric shops – African Queen and Freeman Textiles. But after rooting around I picked out two lovely fabrics – one dark red with black, white and yellow flowers, the other turquoise with bright pink and blue flowers (left).

Jeffrey was away in Newquay on a stag do at the weekend, so i ceased the opportunity to get working with few interruptions on the eight dress orders I have picked up. I got the bulk of four age 6 month dresses made, in between housework, baking, seeing friends and battling two headaches. All that is left is to hem them, which it seems particularly hard to find the time for this week. But I managed to complete one last night, which our neighbour collected tonight. And she really liked it. In her words: “it’s nice to not get the normal pink dress.”

So, this lovely specimen below is winging its way to the lucky little daughter of a couple who recently spent a year travelling around Africa. Here’s hoping they like it and it reminds them of their travels.

More to come later this week.

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One thought on “African print girl’s dress number 7

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