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Burberry Prorsum inspired by Sophie Kingo


One look at Vogue and you’ll see that African print is right on trend again. Now, I’m sure I don’t need to remind you of my venture into home made African print clothing as long ago as 2010, but I will. So here are some amazing SS2012 pieces from Burberry Prorsum (with an amazing price tag to boot):


And here are a few of what I’ve made (at, I might add, a fraction of the price and truly one-offs):


And while I’ve been at it I made two dresses for the little girls in my life – one of my nieces in London and my cousin’s daughter in Denmark:


Having shown some of these to two colleagues of mine recently – Fancy and Lauren – I was persuaded into making some more dresses for little girls. To sell. You can see and BUY them here.

Three dresses for sale

And if you’re wondering… I were super rich I’d keep making my own African print dresses, but supplement my wardrobe with Burberry.


6 thoughts on “Burberry Prorsum inspired by Sophie Kingo

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  2. Cute stuff! I especially love your skirt =D

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  5. Hello Sophie.
    I appreciate very much your work. I Live in Mozombique and here we have the same kind of material for dresses, trousers, bags and stuff.
    You inspired me. Thank you so much.

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