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Jewellery for sale

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Well, there are only 35 and a half shopping days left till Christmas. This is somewhat filling me with dread as I realise I’m struggling to work out what to give people as gifts. Making gifts for people every birthday and Christmas means I’m constantly feeling like I have to think of something new to make. And this year I’m struggling.

But, for those who buy gifts for their friends and want to buy one of a kind items, where do they shop? I’m getting seriously fed up of the cheap mass-produced poor quality throwaway items you see for sale on the high street and think others must too.

So, I’ve created a new Facebook group – Sophie Kingo Handmade Gifts and Jewellery – to show you, and hopefully sell you, some of my one of a kind items.

Here’s a taster of what you can buy. Click on the group and on the relevant photo albums for more information and cost.

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