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New dress


A quick one tonight as PBM and I have been in the lovely East Yorkshire this weekend and have been back home little over an hour. But I realised I haven’t yet shared my lovely new dress with you.

Last Saturday PBM and I took a trip to African Queen and Freeman Textiles to buy some cloth for dresses. I made the geometric green and purple print ntoma into a simple shift. I used the same Butterick pattern as my purple shift but lowered the neckline and the hem so that it’s nicer for summer. I might just add that this is the first time I’ve altered a pattern and was very proud of myself for working out a new piece of facing and snipping away at the neckline once the dress was pretty much complete. It’s scary stuff let me tell you!

Oh, and in the background you can see the curtains my wonderful Mummy made me. We managed to live nigh on 12 months with just cream vertical blinds. And with living just off the main road the bedroom was pretty light at night. The fabric is Lori from Laura Ashley. We bought it back in October when “Laura Ashley were saling” (as my Aunty Jean would say, much to my Mum’s horror) and my Mum brought the completed curtains down in December. Lovely jubbly. Though I do have to leave a crack in the curtains else I struggle to wake up at weekends.

2 thoughts on “New dress

  1. In all seriousness, this dress is beautiful. And I hear the zip cost more than the total spend on fabric…

  2. Ah – how lovely. Great use of the material.

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