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Vi har den samme kjole på


My parents, sister and I were in cold cold Denmark last weekend for my Grandma’s funeral. This involved flying out on Friday afternoon and returning on Monday. Therefore, while my parents were busy sorting out my Grandma’s flat with my Mum’s siblings, Lisa and I paid a visit to the lovely Kingo-Berg household over the road from my Auntie and Uncle’s house where we were staying. As soon as Lisa and I rocked up at Mie and Dennis’ hyggeligt house in Åsum Ida-Marie – Mie and Dennis’ 4 year old little girl – realised she had the same dress as me. Now I say she had the same dress as me. However, this was not the intention. I had made Ida-Marie’s 1 and a half year-old little sister, Hannah, this dress for Christmas. But sadly, as was the case with the similarly aged L1 and L2 , the dress was too big for little sister resulting in big sister getting the pleasure of wearing it first.

So when I turned up wearing my purple shift, Ida-Marie instantly demanded she wear hers, despite a button having popped off a couple of days previously. Ida-Marie made sure she time and again reiterated the fact that “vi har den samme kjole på” (we have the same dress on). So I whipped my camera out  and suggested we take a photo so people can see. And here she is, looking as adorable as she is (while I look pretty bad), even though she did fart on my knee and find it hilarious.

And just to show how cute the family is, here’s a photo Ida-Marie took of her Mum (my cousin Mie) and Hannah for who the dress was intended:

Anyway, as a side note, yesterday I decided it’s time I made myself another dress. The last one I made for me was that purple shift above that I made way back in  September/October 2010. So today PBM and I took the Tricky Vicky Line to Brixton and I treated myself to the oh so expensive following pieces of cloth – one at £7, the other £10 for 5.5m. Bearing in mind I’m going to use less than 2m for each dress, I do believe this is a *much* better bargain than anything you could get in the oh so hideous Primark.

And while they’re being rinsed and drying, I just have to decide what style dress I’m going to make each into. One is definitely going to be a shift, but I just can’t decide which…


7 thoughts on “Vi har den samme kjole på

  1. The one on the right, the green one should be a shift. it’s geometric pattern will complement the shift dress style perfectly and the one on the left will compliment something more flowing – a maxi dress in prep for summer perhaps?
    Would I be able to buy the remainder of the green one off you either for my own shift dress, or another maxi dress?

    • Cool. Ta love. I was thinking the same. Just need to make sure I get the geometric pattern right down the middle.
      Yeah, I’m looking for a pattern for the other which is waisted rather than empire line. It’s not easy though. Looked in John Lewis today and there was very little. I have this pattern but don’t think there’s enough movement in it (I wouldn’t do the frill around the neckline). Maybe I could just do one of the empire patterns we’ve made but remove some bulk and pleat the skirt at the top rather than gather…
      Yep sure. You can have take half if you like so I still have extra left for other bits and bobs.

  2. yes, that’s a good pattern. I like the ones with the scoop neck. You could just do that pattern without sleeves.
    Will half be enough for a maxi dress.
    I don’t think you need to make sure the pattern would run down the middle. it depends what look you’re going for, but I belive it would work just as well offset to the side.

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