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New shift


It’s autumn. That means I’m in the mood for new AW clothes. This involves dresses, wool tights, boots, wool cardigans, jumpers, scarves, hats, coats. You already know I’m in my knitting phase and have so far knitted myself a hat and some little people I know hats, booties etc. But this weekend I broke out of knitting. I haven’t the money to go wild and hit the street of London for all the new clothes/boots I need just yet, so I ventured to Brixton for fabric last weekend and made myself a new dress this.

And this time I broke from the cheaper range of fabric and went slightly upmarket – Vlisco Veritable Hollandaise to be exact.  And here’s what I made from it (below). I like it. I used a great versatile Butterick pattern. It’s great if you just look past the dreadful slightly ill-fitting quality and alter it as necessary – taking it in at the waste and shortening the length. I’m chuffed and will make another soon. Just bring me back my knitting needles first…

4 thoughts on “New shift

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