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My first commission sale

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So PBM‘s mate, Miguel Juan Tuvera to you, came round today to make some new tracks. He and PBM got started on recording several weeks ago, and he features on the excellent Just a Mixtape that PBM has released for free download HERE. Maybe the song featuring him – Scratch Real Good, recorded last summer – isn’t excellent. There are a few bum notes in there and, well, you can’t really take on Take That and beat them with that one can you? But it’s a good laugh and worth checking out, along with many of the other tracks on the Mixtape.

My personal faves? Drive and Yes. The latter for obvious reasons perhaps. And the first too come to think of it. PBM’s first trip up to Hull, one week after we met, to visit me in November 2007, involved a cold walk around Spurn Point. If you don’t know Spurn Point then you’re missing out. It’s probably the only reason I could think of to drive all the way east along the M62, through Hull, out the other end, through Weeton, Skeffling and Kilnsea, and right to the edge of East Yorkshire, of the World, to the only place that matters when you’re there. It’s beautiful. Cold in November. But evidently beautiful, as the photo below shows.

That day, after having to bust out the earmuffs to withstand a biting north easterly (I easily suffer from earache) we took refuge with fish and chips in The Crown and Anchor pub where “track after track of Fleetwood Mac” were playing on the radio. If you’ve downloaded the Mixtape you’ll see what I did there.

And, just to indulge myself in my little trip down memory lane, here’s a photo taken that very day. It’s pretty hideous, but worth including nonetheless.

Anyway, I seriously digress. Back to Mike’s visit today. I’m not sure what the order of the day was for the blue room, but I believe PBM was trying to play some R-Patz (that’s Robert Pattinson for those of you not in the know). Mike had made up some new words to one of his songs apparently. I’m not sure how it went but maybe one day you’ll be blessed enough to hear it.

And back to the blog title. My first commission sale. A few weeks ago, via the Sophie Kingo Facebook page, Mike asked me to make him up a necklace. He described something that, for some reason, I just couldn’t picture. To be precise:

I have an idea for a commission! Long neclace that looks like it’s two… Beadie bits sporadic but more to one side so it hangs off the neck like a Jesus piece is weighing it down. I’ll leave the artistic flair to you. I’ll leave the artistic flair to you, nothing too feminine, though I could probably pull it off and make it look like something the kids would want to wear.

He went on to describe it some more to PBM over the phone, but PBM just couldn’t get past the jesus piece aspect. So today, when Mike got to ours he drew up a sketch of his idea. And, while they were busy making whatever it was they were making, I got to making his necklace. I used:

  • Mzuribeads/ Acholi beads – recycled paper beads handmade by a cooperative of women in Uganda
  • recycled vinyl beads made in by a cooperative in Ghana
  • stone beads made with bauxite
  • wooden beads
  • brass beads
  • coconut shell beads
  • glass foil beads

And here’s the finished piece. Modelled by Mike himself. Hope you approve.

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