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The knitting bug

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We’re almost two weeks into September and the nights are well and truly drawing in again. It seems that with September came autumn – the inevitable cooler nights, cloudier skies and rainier days – and I’m not holding out that summer’s returning somewhere along the way this month, like it did last year.

Of course, with this new autumnal feeling has come the desire to knit. I started knitting a column of leaves scarf from green silk and cashmere yarn way back in January this year and then lost the knitting bug in early March when spring was shooting.

But I am now well and truly in the knitting spirit and have knocked out a cream merino wool beret and two pairs of baby booties for my fella’s sister who is expecting twins in November. The parents won’t divulge the sex of the non-identical pair, so I chose to use purple and yellow organic cotton. I think they’ve come out wonderfully. I’m not too sure of the size, as, to me, they look rather large, but I guess they’ll grow into them if that’s the case. Next up, to knit, is a beret for the impeding birthday of said parents’ second born girl, L2. Better get down to John Lewis to buy some more yarn. Then, following that I think I’ll have to get back on the column of leaves scarf.

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