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New wrap dress


So it seems I’ve become a little bit addicted to making dresses. I get one done and want to get started on another straight away. I’ve just finished my latest and want to get myself to Brixton Market to buy more fabric already. I think it’s time I concentrated on my other ideas though. So my focus officially changes today. You heard it here first!

Anyway, a bit of history about this dress. I mentioned back in mid-June that I was heading back to  Brixton Market with my work mate Nina to  get some fabric for us both to make a dress. Nina bought  some gorgeous fabric in pink, yellow and  blue with a small  geometric print from African Queen  Fabrics and I bought some lovely large print  blue fabric  from Freeman Textile Ltd (see photo  left).

I really liked the fabric but then started to wonder whether the print was too large and geometric  and just couldn’t decide what dress pattern would suit it best. I also wondered whether the pattern  was too bold for me. However, another work mate, Lauren from South Africa, mentioned a few days  after I’d bought the fabric, when she saw me in a wrap dress that I hadn’t made, that she loved the dresses on my blog, and suggested that the great African print fabrics I was using would really work in a wrap style. It hadn’t really occurred to me, I’m ashamed to say. I had only made one wrap dress so far and that was my first ever dress back in February 2009. For that I had used my sister’s dress pattern, so had swiftly forgotten that it was even an option, I’m ashamed to say. So I swiftly bought the pattern from New Look and, as I said, started last Saturday.

It’s a great pattern to make. Really easy (though involves some faffing with the inside arm holes) and seems to fit me really well. I was still a bit worried about the boldness of the print, even last week, but half way through making it I could see it was going to work. And after finishing it off today I am over the moon with it. And I can definitely see an improvement in my dressmaking over the past 18 months.

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