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Another new dress


I fiiiiinally finished my new dress this morning. I started it 9 days ago, on the Friday of my week off. I would have had it finished last Sunday, but visitors postponed the occasion, and I only got round to finishing it today. Perfect timing for the Serbia v Ghana game this afternoon for which we’re venturing to PBM‘s sister’s house in West Norwood, South London, for a barbecue. We’re supporting Ghana, of course.

This time I used the same New Look pattern as my maxi and turquoise dresses, but again a third bodice. The fabric, Ghanaian print again, was bought in Brixton Market when I bought the fabric for my red dress. I have a real love of the African print fabrics this year and had to refrain from entering the shop yesterday when walking through the Market. However, I will be heading there next week with my friend Nina from work who wants to make a dress. Or rather, she wanted me to make her one but I said I’d make one with her while I make another.

I also have plans to make Ghanaian bunting and a patchwork throw from my leftovers, and have some other ideas up my sleeve too. All will be revealed in due course.

7 thoughts on “Another new dress

  1. If England were to play Ghana in the knock out stages who would you be supporting?

    • Ah. It’d have to be England. I’m English after all. My preference would have to go England, Denmark, Ghana. But would be very happy to see either win.

      • Cool, I asked to gauge how crazy you were about Ghana. But how did you become fascinated with Ghana?

  2. My boyfriend’s British Ghanaian. I went to Ghana for the first time last summer and absolutely loved the place, the people and the art, prints, etc.

    • Ah that explains everything. But I’m sorry each response of your raises another question. How come your Ghana is 3rd I would think they would 2nd place :)….

  3. Ha. I’m half Danish so have greater links to Denmark than Ghana.

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