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I made a skirt today

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It was a scorcher in London today. But I’ve been wanting to get sewing for a while now, and having had 5 days in East Yorkshire at the beginning of my week off I hadn’t had any chance to do any all week. I postponed sewing yesterday for a couple of hours in the sunshine in the communal garden reading, so today was the day to make a skirt in fabric I had only ever intended for cushions. Like the dress I made in April (the red one here) it’s in Ghanaian print cotton fabric, bought from Brixton Market in March.

When in Ghana in August last year we went to Obuasi Market to buy fabric with which I intended to make dresses. Unfortunately I didn’t buy enough so had to make do with making cushions for the settee from that fabric (though I may have enough left over for a skirt, thinking about it).  I’d like to point out that this was long before the likes of Asos came up with African print dresses for 2010.

So, here’s the skirt I made today. It’s made using the Misses Skirt pattern from Simplicity’s Project Runway. As always, I ignored the sizings on the back of the envelope. You can never quite trust them and I have made dresses in size 8 and still had to take them in in the past, so decided to go for a size 10 in this pattern, even though, according to Simplicity, I was a size 12-14. I had to slim down the pleats slightly as when I had tacked them in the correct location I couldn’t get the skirt over my hips. But this was the right move. Had I made the skirt in a 12 it would have been far too big.

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