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Projectbrownman laying down lyrics

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My sister‘s boyfriend, Leo, decided a few weeks ago that he was going to get some audio editing software on his Mac and make himself some beats. We went round to their flat for dinner last Sunday (roasted pork belly with potatoes and seasonal veg if you’re wondering) and before playing Lips on the Xbox (where Jeff showed off his Ice T skills, and I beat Lisa at Nirvana’s In Bloom) Leo played us his Looking for Curley beat (complete with sample from BBC Radio’s production of Of Mice and Men).

We came away from their flat with full bellies and Looking for Curley on a memory stick for Jeff, sorry, Projectbrownman, to come up with and record some lyrics for. After a week of writing bits here and there PBM got round to laying down the lyrics this morning. And what did I do while he was doing this? In between reading the Sunday papers, I took my lovely new digi camera in to the Blue Room “Studio” (yeah, you read that right. We have a stuuuuudio) and caught snippets of the master in action.

Before I let you see his work, I just want to say that he was horrified that this was going up on my blog. “What if my kids find it” were the words of the teacher Mr….. (Nah, I won’t give him away). Personally, if, when I was 13, I had found a video of one of my teachers rapping on YouTube I’d have found it hilarious and incredibly cool. I’m sure PBM probably thinks the same and so doesn’t really mind it appearing here. Even if he does come across a little crazy.

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