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A new addition…


In February I wrote the blog post three dresses after my sister and I had been to Brixton market to buy some Ghanaian fabric for dress making. In that post I uploaded three dreadful pictures of the dresses I made last year. Well, since finally finishing my new one last Sunday and wearing it to work today, I have finally got round to taking some better photos where you should see them better.

The first I made was the following wrap-dress (New Look pattern). The fabric’s Liberty’s Edenham Tana Lawn cotton, which my boyfriend bought me for Christmas 2008.

The second dress I made was also made with Tana Lawn cotton from Liberty, which Jeff got me the same Christmas. I made a maxi dress (again, a New Look pattern) for our upcoming trip to Ghana last summer. I love it, but didn’t wear it all that much last summer. Will definitely make a concerted effort to break it out this summer.

The third, also just in time for Ghana, was a dress made with fabric bought from Liberty, but sadly not Liberty (my budget didn’t stretch that far that day). Same dress pattern as the maxi, but different bodice choice this time.

Finally, my newest make. The (New Look again) dress made with Ghanaian print cloth from Brixton. I love it:

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