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Talkin’ a Seamstress

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For my second song Projectbrownman insisted I do a cover of a good grime song. He decided on Giggs’ Talkin’ the Hardest. This time, unlike with Living Room, Projectbrownman wrote the lyrics.

If you’re talking a seamstress/ I better pop up in your thoughts as the neatest/ My seams are the neatest/ ironed and flat not leaving the creases

Fly like an eagle/ lines are so regal/ with a gold thread through the eye of a needle/ bought the machine time to buy the material/ make a new top and the skirt is the sequal


Making my jewellery/ bending, shaping, taking a few beads/ putting it together in a way that is unique/ everybody asking can you make me a new piece?

Maybe I should sew in a bit/ I flow on the beat like I flow with the stitch/ anybody think they can copy my stitch better stop with the nonsense you’re tacky and kitsch


Give me a pin/I stick to the pattern when I’m sticking them in/I used to get pricked cos I didn’t use a thimble/ never happens now cos my skin isn’t thin

Bring me a tin/ full of my findings/ bits and bobs that I use for designing/ Secret box where my jewels are residing/ when I’m on top autographs I’ll be signing

Lining a dress for morning/ hem on the skirt was so messy before me/ now it looks so perfect you could sell it for forty/ put it up on ebay and the bids will get naught

Needles are sharp/ I’ve got a whole box that I take to the park/sit in the sun getting straight with a cross stitch/ carry on late in my flat after dark

Practice my art/ making it purfect/ spending time and money cos the effort is worth it/ I’ve said it once before so I know that you’ve heard it/ give it to the people who I reckon deserve it


My girls looking hot/ Emma, Lizzi and Hannah have got/ something cool and original I gave them that you can’t find in the net or shops

I bet that you want/ send me a cheque and I’ll send you a box/ better yet I can look at your stitch and talk you through all the problems and faults

And the result?/ you’ll be just like me/ cutting cloth with precision and stylee/ make hot clothes like I’m cutting for Kylie/ everybody knows that my fingers are sprightly



For Giggs‘ lyrics check here.


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