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She sews and she raps – an intro to MC Sophie

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My boyfriend, Projectbrownman, has, for quite a lot of years now, been rapping and making beats, either on his own or with the Frenchie – Prince Doughnut – as Slutlockerz.

He has the basic set up – Cool Edit Pro, mics, mixers, sound effect machine thingamabob etc. etc. and one day last summer he decided it’d be cool for us to make a couple of songs together. First up Jeff started making some beats, then invited me to have a listen and think about some lyrics. The sound was great, but where was I going to find some lyrics from?

A few months earlier we’d been laughing about Ludacris and his lyrics – examples such as you gotta run in your panyhoes and it’s just a hoasis got us thinking about how Ludacris would react to things around and about London and in general everyday life. And that’s when the line I’ll have a live in groom in my living room was born.

This line just seemed to fit with the beats Jeff was making and before I knew it I was scribbling away and prepared to give him my first lines. Jeff loved it and thought I was a natural rapper. So, we set his kit up and I rapped away. I think it only took  us a few takes, then for some over-dubbing and it was done – Living Room was born. All it required was a video, which Jeff whisked up with Windows Movie Maker, and time to upload to You Tube.  It’s had just 73 views to date and only one rating (I think that was me). But check it out:

One thought on “She sews and she raps – an intro to MC Sophie

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