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The first findings

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For our first Christmas together Jeffrey bought me two Cath Kidston tins filled with beads, bead wire and findings which he’d bought from the Covent Garden Bead Shop.

What made Jeff buy me such a present? Well, he was apparently inspired by a necklace I had which I had partially originally got from my sister for my birthday back in about 2004. The necklace had recently started to look tired and as I sorted through my old jewellery boxes I came across a silver twisted chain and locket that my sister bought me for Christmas some time in the 90s. I always wanted a locket and when I got it was over the moon, found two tiny pictures of my Mum and Dad, cut them up and fixed them into the two halves of the heart. I hardly wore the locket for reasons I’m not too sure because it is lovely. So, I took all of the charms off the necklace I got in the noughties and arranged them on the siver twisted chain with the locket and some other charms taken from jewellery I had got off friends in the past. Waste not want not and all that.

I remember Jeff being very impressed by this and so he was adamant that I start making jewellery to sell, give as presents etc. So, in April the next year, for my birthday, my good friend Lizzi bought me some jewellery tools and spacing beads so that I could get started good and proper.

Since then I’ve made jewellery for my Mum, sister and friends Lizzi, Hannah and Emma.  I’ve been meaning to get a move on and make more so that I can start up an Etsy shop. Note to self – add that to the list of new year’s resolutions/goal for 2010.

But, in the meantime here are some of the pieces I’ve made.


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